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Wine cellar

Our wine cellar is a treasure trove for every wine connoisseur, the surrounds are part of the original structure of the building, dating back to the 16th century and perfectly suited for the storage of wines from around the world.

Within these historic walls, we host wine evenings and degustation for groups of 8 guests or more. During these evenings you will learn about the history of wine, tasting techniques, cellar operations and gain insight into the art of glass making. During the tasting you will learn about the quality characteristics of wine.

Book your private cellar evening!

  • Wine tasting Austria | Includes 6 Austrian wines + bread
    € 15,50.- per person
  • Wine tasting Austria 2 | Includes 6 Austrian wines with "winegrower" platter including wines + bread
    € 19.- pro person
  • Wine tasting global | Includes 6 international wines with hot and cold finger foods
    € 26.- pro person